Bua loi


              Bua loi is Thai’s popular dessert which is made with dumplings (the combination between flour and coconut milk) in coconut cream. It is rich of nutrition and known among Thai people in all age. 


Ingredients :

* ½ cups Sticky rice flour

* Pumpkin, Taro or Pandan leaves /for a food coloring
* 1 tbsp white suger

*1 tbsp palm sugar

* 1 pinch of salt

* 150 g. coconut milk or ginger syrup or pandan syrup

* egg or young coconut ( option)



*Mixing sticky rice flour, steamed pumpkin or taro or water pandanus and water together. Knead until all ingredients mixed well. Then molded into the ball. During the molding Sprinkle with a little rice flour should scrap to prevent the Balls stick together.

     *Boil water in a medium pot Wait until boiling, add “Bue Loi” in boiling water wait until cooked. When cooked, remove Balls soak in cold water. (Bue Loi cooked to rise).
*Mix coconut milk, palm sugar, white sugar and salt to boiling in medium heat, add “Bue Loi” eggs and coconut in pot, stir it until served boiled off.

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