Khao niao mamuang



         Khao niao mamuang or Mango sticky rice is a Thai dessert made with glutinous rice , fresh mango and

coconut milk. It is a traditional Thai food. It is prepared with glutinous rice, commonly called sticky rice. Mango

Sticky Rice is served warm or at room temperature.





Ingredients :

* 1 ½  Cup of Sticky rice

* 5  Mango

* 500 g. Coconut milk

* 6   tablespoons of white sugar

* ½ tea spoon of salt


  1. Wash  and soak sticky rice with water for 2 hours .

 2. Put sticky rice in  steamer , than steam it  until sticky rice is cooked.( About 15-20 mins)

3. In a small pot, add coconut milk sugar and salt  Set on low heat. Stir until all ingredients are well,  Leave for a few minutes then

   remove from heat.

4. In a medium bowl, Put the steamed  sticky rice and add the mixed ingredients. Stir until all ingredients  together and leave at         least 10-15 minutes.

6. Peel  the mango skin  and served  with  sticky rice. Should  serve  immediately after peeling mango new.

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