The secret of delicious Thai meal is Thai ingredients and we have some in tips to share with you.


Hello and welcome to cook Thai food in your own kitchen!

I believe that anyone can cook delicious Thai food and have fun doing it.  What if cooking food doesn’t need to be a chore and could be the best fun you can have with a bench full of ingredients and a stove?  This classes are hands on and practical so that by the end of the class you will be able to prepare and cook the dishes yourselt.  For a start, we’re at your place with  fresh ingredients. You’ll get a feel for real Thai culture as you experience its rich colors, and unique flavors and smells.  I like to cook with you the way you like. Relaxed, fun and with a delicious meal as the reward.  Let me guide you how to create wonderful food, plate it and actually enjoy it.

 Please choose 3 main dishes of Thai food and a dessert you would like to cook.

Thai Curry: Green curry, Panang curry, Red curry, Masaman curry
Thai Soup: Tom Yam Kung, Tom Kha Kai, Snapper steamed with lemon
Stir Fried & Deep Fried: Chicken Satay, Mixed Vegetable with oyster sauce, Sweet and Sour Stir fried, Stir fried Cashew Nut with chicken, Stir fried Basil Leaves with chicken, Fish Cake, Baked Rice in Pineapple, Fried rice, Fried Chicken with garlic pepper, Casseroled prawns with glass noodles Noodle : Noodle soup, Pad Thai, Pad See-Ew, Pad Kee Mao
Appetizer & Salad: Papaya Salad, Mango Salad, Friem Spring Roll, Spicy minced Chickken salad
Dessert: Mango With Sticky Rice, Kha nom Bua Loi , Banana in coconut milk, Fried banana( Banana fritter)

Tour included

*All ingredients for cooking

*Recipes of all dishes 

*Lunch or Dinner you have cooked

Price : 5,500.- THB. for 1 or 2 students and 1,800.- THB. for each additional student.


 Have A Good Trip, Thank you.

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