Fried Morning glory











Fried Morning glory



* 1-2  Thai fresh chili , chopped

* 2 
Garlic Large cloves,chopped

* 1/2 Tablespoon 
 Soybean Paste 

* 1/2 Tablespoon 
Light Soy Sauce 

* 1/2 Tablespoon 
Oyster Sauce 

*2 Teaspoon white sugar

* 1 Tablespoon water

 1 Tablespoon Vegetable Oil 


 * Cut the morning glory into 4-5 inch long pieces and place it in a bowl. Then measure the sauce ingredient and also put those in the bowl. Break up the garlic and chilies and add them to the top of the bowl.

*  Heat the oil in a wok until  hot, then add all of ingredients to a wok. Stir and fry quickly, turning for the bottom until the morning glory is wilted.

* Serve with cooked rice

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