Green Curry

Green Curry



* 80 gram of  Chicken / sliced

 *1-2 table spoons of green curry paste

 *1 cups coconut milk (150 ml. or squeezed out from 1500 grams grated fresh coconut)

 *1-2 small  fresh Thai egg plants or carrot or baby corn

 *1 fresh red spur chilies, sliced diagonally

 *1/2 cup sweet basil leaf

 *1/2 table spoon of fish sauce

 *1/2-1 tea spoon palm sugar


Heat a pan with medium heat, put 2 table spoons of the coconut milk in the pan, add green curry paste, stir until boiling ,  then add Meat and stir until it’s cooked 80%.  Add the remaining coconut milk ( put some water if curry seems too thick), let it  boil over medium heat and cook until boiling, (do not stir until meat cooked 80%). Put vegetables,  add palm sugar and fish sauce. Cook until the  vegetables are done then test the curry and sprinkle sweet basil leaves and red chilies over, Arrange on a serving dish and garnish with sweet basil leaves and red chilies before .serving.

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